250 Years of Exmouth's FIRSTS

The launch of 250 Years of Exmouth's FIRSTS on Saturday 10th August, 2019 at our home, and the home of two of the Exmouth's FIRSTS featured in the book, was a resounding success with around 90 people attending the event.
We were graced with the presence of Exmouth's Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Brian
Bailey and, among the other visitors, was another former resident of "Green Hollows", Simon Lewis, whose parents bought the house from Rollo Edwardes-Ker.
There was a large contingent of former Seale-Hayne Students (Seale-Haynians) and, a few days later, Jim met with a lady at a U3A lunch who had been nanny to Mickey, Rollo Edwardes-Ker's son, in Cairo in the 1950s.
The Cream Teas, prepared by our friends from Withycombe Methodist Church, Eileen and Marian, were a great success with over £115 being raised for Lympstone and Exmouth HospisCare.
Copies of 250 Years of Exmouth's FIRSTS are still available from us at the special Launch price of £10.00 (£13.00 incl P&P). 
Now read on to find out more details about this fascinating insight into the lives of people who were, and still are, Exmouth's FIRSTS:

For her latest book, Daphne has researched and written about 24 characters who have been born, educated, lived, worked or died in Exmouth and have achieved a FIRST during their lifetime.

The common feature linking them all is that they were the FIRST person to have achieved something specific.

The people chosen vary from:

 Ann Perriam (1769 - 1865) who features in the 
 FIRST and only picture in existence of a woman known
 to have worked as a powder monkey aboard ship during
 the Napoleonic Wars.

Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852) 
who is now internationally recognised as the 
FIRST Computer Programmer.

Codrington Carrington 
(1769 - 1849) 
who was the FIRST Chief Justice of Ceylon.

Edith Helen Pratt (1882 - 1959) 
who was the recipient of Exmouth's FIRST OBE

Sculptress Elisabeth Frink (1930 - 1993), who was educated at Southland's School, Exmouth, was the
FIRST Exmouthian to feature
on a EUROPA Stamp.

Douglas Edwardes-Ker (1886 - 1979) 
the FIRST Principal of Seale Hayne College.

Nikki Thomas
(born 1979) 
who is the 
FIRST woman to command a fast jet squadron.

and Spike Seymour (born 2012) 
the FIRST 4 year old to hold his own Art Exhibition.

A whole chapter is dedicated to a descendant of FIRST Viscount Exmouth to actually live in Exmouth,
Hon Georgina Pellew (1885 - 1930) who lived at
"St Hilarian" in Portland Avenue between
1921 and 1930.