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Granny June's Alphabet Stories

  This Children's Book is a new departure for Corridor Press and one that we are delighted to be involved with.                                                                                                                                        
June began writing stories when she was still at school.  "It all began when I submitted a story for my English GCSE and my tutor asked if I had really made it up, so I had to write a sequel to that story to prove that I hadn't!  Then some of the girls in my form wanted some more, so I continued to write. Then, after leaving school, I became an apprentice with Boots, training to be a dispensing chemist and I wrote a book about all the different aspects of pharmacy in the 1950s.  Of course, things were so different then: learning basic first aid, how to remove foreign bodies out of eyes, how to fit a truss, measure for elastic stockings, and, of course, how to actually make pills - not just count them!  All of these things went into the Boots magazine!

  After my marriage I had young children and they were always asking for stories.  I never wrote anything down until the grandchildren came along and, of course, they asked for a story.  The youngest boy used to sit at my knee and he always knew when he had heard a story before!  So I began to think of alphabet stories that would help them to remember as well as to learn and, of course, they would know if they had heard them before!  I never thought about sharing them with other children, or that even older people might be interested in reading them too, so for all children reading these stories, don't ever give up on having ideas, or writing them down."

  June is now a great-granny, but it still writing stories, both for little and not-so-little children.

  The stories included in this book include: ANGUS the wee Scottish boy; CURLEY the plump pink pig; GULLIVER the Heron Gull; POLLY and Pancake Day; TEDDY the one eyed bear and ZOE at the Zoo to see Zebras and of course all the rest of the alphabet in between.

  June has always made it clear that this is to be a not-for-profit enterprise and, as such, it is agreed that £1.00 from every book that we sell will be donated to Force Cancer Charity based at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.
Granny June's Alphabet Stories costs just £5.99 and can be ordered direct from Corridor Press using the Order Form at the end of the "My Orders" tab.