Corridor Press was established in 1992 in South Street, Reading, Berkshire, England as a community publisher for budding authors in the Thames Valley.  Our name derives from the M4 Corridor by which the area is known locally.  This means that we shall be celebrating our 30th year in 2022.

In 2001, we restructured into a smaller, totally voluntary operation and, through our previous link with The Berkshire County Blind Society, we were invited to share their premises.  Corridor Press had previously provided material for their "Outside-Insight" tapes for their members.

In 2002, Daphne Barnes-Phillips produced her ever-popular The Top of Whitley books, followed a year later with "A Walk around The Top of Whitley" CD which we gave to all BCBS members.

By 2005, there was just a small core of volunteers left but, rather than let Corridor Press fold, the Chairman and Treasurer at that time decided to keep the name going by publishing their own titles under the Corridor Press imprint.
When Daphne & Jim Barnes-Phillips moved to Exmouth, they retained their Reading links and continued to write under the Corridor Press name and, with the exception of Exmouth's ROLLE in 2015 and 250 Years of Exmouth's FIRSTS in 2019, all books have remained local to the Reading area, many with an educational theme.
The latest project, Finding the Booty although instigated by letters owned by someone currently living in Exmouth, relates to her Cole family from Bristol so further extending our community.