Taylor-Made Jackpot
sheep, horses, cats and dogs

Author: Daphne Barnes-Phillips
Illustrator: Jim Barnes-Phillips
Published by: Corridor Press in May 2012
to commemorate the 85th Birthday of Jack Taylor of
Taylors Racing Services, Reading
ISBN: 987-1-897715-17-8
Price £12.95 now just £7.50

They’re all here in TAYLOR-MADE JACKPOT.  Not exactly a Rags to Riches story but definitely a fascinating tale of how a love of animals led Jack Taylor to build on his father’s experiences with the help of his similarly-minded wife, Barbara.

With ancestral backgrounds as diverse as shepherding in Chile in South America and Childrey (then in Berkshire, but now Oxfordshire) they developed Jack’s father’s “back-street” bookie enterprise into a thriving Bookmakers’ Business in Reading and further afield. 

For recreation, they successfully raced and bred horses, paddocking them near their home, where Barbara and Jack  always had cats to share their leisure time.

Their love of racing led them from horses to hounds - greyhounds in this case - until Reading’s Greyhound Stadium closed in 2007.

 Sheep, horses, cats and dogs, they’re all here in: TAYLOR-MADE JACKPOT!